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About Us

What is hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy - Greek for water healing.
Hydrotherapy is a zero or low impact exercise.                                          

Water has many propeties that can aid healing,

The hydrostatic pressure can help reduce swelling and imflammation by improving circulation of oxygenated blood and lymph, removing the toxins back towards the heart to be remove as waste from the body. Therefore will reduce pain and discomfort.

The warmth of the water helps the muscles relax making it easier to move the joints and limbs more freely, increasing range of movement and flexiblity

The buoyancy of the water will support the whole body making it a zero impact exercise so it is comfortable for sore and painful joints.

 Viscocity of the water makes it a more intense exercise than moving through air.

The movement will create turbulance and resistance to aid restoration of muscle and strength. Improving fitness, mobility and general well being of your pet.

Dedicated to help your pet back to health

We know that your dog, cat or small animal is a big part of your family, and it is a worrying time when they are injured or poorly. We are dedicated to help get your pet back on the road to recovery, help reduce pain and discomfort and improve their quality of life again. All treatments are carried out on a 1 to 1 basis by a fully qualified Hydrotherapist.

Conditions that we can treat

Here are just some of the conditions that we treat;
-Pre surgical procedures to help bulid muscle, increase oxygenated blood flow and lymph to aid healing post surgery.
-Post surgery to restore muscle and range of movement, cardiovascular fitness and general wellbeing
-Hip and Elbow dysplasia
- Cruciate injuries
-Patella Luxation
-Spinal injuries
-Muscular injuries
-Neurological issues

Or just for fitness and confidence building. Swimming is great exercise with zero impact so can be good for puppies too.

Veterinary referral

All animals must have veterinary consent prior to treatment or swimming.
This is a legal requirement for all therapists under the veterinary act 1966 and exempt order 2015.
This is to ensure that we are aware of any conditions or injuries (past or present) that maybe exacerbated by the treatment, and that the vet is happy that the treatment is suitable for your pet.

Meet Kerry Goring

The owner and Hydrotherapist
Kerry has worked in the animal care industry for over 20 years, has had many dogs and various other animals including horses in her lifetime.
She has always had a keen interest in rehabilition and help animals back on the road to recovery.
" I found out about hydrotherapy after taking my own dog following surgery for patella luxation in 2014, I started working at the pool under supervision soon after that, i went on to complete my training and qualified in 2016.
I then decided that i would open my own pool and pursue my ambition and dream job. I love my job and it is so rewarding when you see a dog that can barely walk recover and bounce around like a puppy again.
I am dedicated to provide the best treatment i can for your beloved pet. "
K9 Hydrofit opened in August 2018.

Training and qualifications

Fully qualified level 3 certificate in small animal hydrotherapy. 1st aid trained for animals. Attends regular training days to continue personal development and improve knowledge to provide the best treatment possible.

The five freedoms

We endorse the 5 freedoms as much as possible.

Freedom from fear and distress
Freedom from pain injury and disease
Freedom from hunger and thirst
Freedom from discomfort
Freedom to express normal behaviours.

Who can attend?

Any dog or small animal can attend as long as we have written veterinary consent..
Your dog doesnt have to be injured or have a condition.
Swimming is a fantastic exercise if you have sporting or working dogs, it can help keep them in tip top condition and help prevent injury.
Can help improve muscle and performance in the ring for your show dog.
Can be used as a different form of exercise for enrichment.
Excellent for puppies especially large breeds. Helps build muscle tone to support developing bones and joints without the harsh impact of walking. Help reduce the risk of injury or joint conditions developing in the future
It can also build confidence.
Most of all it can be fun.

Contacting us

If you have any questions or would like to find out more you can contact us on the details at the bottom of the page or find us on facebook


Appointments are subject to availablity. We will do our best to accommadate your requirements. To avoid disappointment and to protect other clients privacy, If you would like to come and visit for a chat before bringing your dog for treatment please call first to arrange a suitable time.

Insurance claims

I am a member of the International Association of Animal therapists (IAAT)
This means that to follow their code of practice, you can be assured that;

 I have completed hydrotherapy training and am fully qualified. 

I am Fully insured.

I continue personal development of at least 25 hours each year.

I can also process insurance claims for most insurance companies. Please check with your provider for their individual terms and conditions.


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